Whether you’re hosting an event, coordinating a sporting fixture, throwing a festival or having a party, the first thing on your list should be reusable cups. Save the planet and save yourself all the unnecessary hassle with a cup that can be washed and refilled rather than discarded to landfill. There are 5 key benefits of reusable cups.

1. Environmentally Friendly

The most obvious - and many would argue most important - benefit of reusable cups is how it helps to save the planet. The more we reuse and recycle, the less we send to landfill. With a disposable cup, it is used just once then thrown away. A reusable cup can be used hundreds, or even thousands of times - and can then also be recycled or repurposed.

2. Saves Money

Once you’ve purchased a reusable cup, you won’t need another for a while! So although it might be a slightly more expensive initial outlay, there is no need for a regular repeat purchase, saving you money again and again. The benefit of a reusable cup is that it can be washed and taken wherever you go!

3. Show Personality But Avoid Multiple Orders

A reusable cup can be personalised with a favourite theme, company brand or motivational message - the opportunities are endless. Plus, the benefit of a reusable cup is that you can express your company’s personality and be even more environmentally friendly at the same time! For example, for large venues, our STACK-CUP™ can be designed to be generically suitable for each and every event, meaning visitors tend to leave the cup behind when they go home, rather than taking them as a souvenir, therefore making the cup all the more sustainable - collect, wash, and use again!

4. More Durable

There’s nothing more frustrating than making a coffee or buying a drink at the bar to be served in a flimsy disposable cup that doesn’t have the stamina to withhold the drink. Disposable cups can frequently leak or topple over as they aren’t particularly sturdy and are prone to wobbling or squashing when carried. The benefit of a reusable cup is that it is made of stronger stuff!

5. Less Spills And A Drink At The Right Temperature

A reusable coffee cup often has a lid which keeps it contained - and hot! Cold drinks stay cool for longer too, particularly in specifically made cups for temperature. For unique designs such as our reusable STACK-CUP™, the clever handles allow the customer to stack numerous drinks together making them easier to carry and avoiding annoying spillages.


There are a whole host of benefits to choosing a reusable cup - we should know, we are experts in running reusable cup schemes here at STACK-CUP™! We hope that our efforts producing amazing reusable cups will go a long way to help you to make your event more environmentally friendly, be a cost effective option and help make positive steps towards ending the disposable, throwaway culture. 

Improve your customer experience and your carbon footprint with reusable cups. And let us help you to make the management of a reusable cup scheme convenient, affordable, easy and worthwhile.