We've included some information below regarding the most frequently asked questions we receive about our unique reusable products.  For further information please give us a call on 0330 128 1388 or contact us via email.

Yes, it is 100% recyclable. STACK-CUP™ has a zero waste to landfill policy.

Stack-Cups are made from Polypropylene (PP).

Yes, it is CE approved for both hot and cold.

STACK-CUP™ has a specially designed and patented handle, which means you can carry more cups in one hand. It’s safer to use than a normal beaker and is more sustainable.

No, due to our unique global patented stackable handle.

No. Drinks companies use reusable cups in other territories and market sectors without issue, therefore it is not a quality issue.

We suggest a maximum of four per hand however the record is far higher!


Yes, we’d love to. We can be as involved as you need us to be, from start to end.

It’s not always necessary to run a deposit scheme, however by adding a value to a cup, it is more likely to be returned to a bar or taken home, rather than left behind at an event to be cleaned up.

Yes we can. There are various items to make a better scheme such as dirty cup crates, static bar cup collectors that come as part of our service. There are also some extra options you can choose such as point of sale materials and cup designs.

Yes we will. It is important to us that we use our experience to support your preparations. We will review the stadium bars and storage units with your F&B manager. We will provide a report that gives you recommendations for each bar.

We calculate volumes based on the stadium’s capacity, attendance for each match/event, drinks sold historically and frequency of events.

We can provide you with examples of effective communication. Email and website information should be provided prior to the scheme’s introduction. Visuals in the ground should show customers how to use the Stack-Cup.

Charity bins are a great way to encourage customers to return the cup for washing and reuse.

Yes, we can store your cups for you. We would quote you a price if this was required.

We provide a full service that includes account management to ensure you have one point of contact.